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About the Royal Oak Hills Association

There is no mandatory monthly HOA fee to pay in Royal Oak Hills. The neighborhood's association doesn't tell you what color you can paint your home, the type of fence you're allowed to put up, or what trees and plants are acceptable in your front yard.

Instead, while the Royal Oak Hills Association serves critical needs in the community, membership is completely voluntary. The association depends on its voluntary annual household dues – $125 for homeowners, $50 for renters, or $200 for Gold Level Membership – to pay for any sign, lighting or landscape beautification projects. The donations also allow the association to provide a variety of social events throughout the year, including the annual block party.

The association is run by officers and district directors elected by the membership. 

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Benefits of membership

When you become a member of the Royal Oak Hills Association, you're doing your part through your dues to help maintain our neighborhood. Here's some things the association does for you:

  • Schedules neighborhood social events at no charge (or at a discount) for members, including dinner parties, beer and wine tastings, ice cream socials and others.

  • Provides movie kit to host your own personal outdoor movie night.

  • Coordinates neighborhood beautification projects, such as signage at all entrances, and landscaping and lighting at the main Camino Real and Palmetto Park Road entrances.

  • Communicates with the City of Boca Raton regarding maintenance of all common areas.


Association committees 

There's a lot to keep on top of in Royal Oak Hills. The association has a number of committees to help improve the neighborhood's quality of life. Here are the association's current committees and their leaders. Reach out to them if you have concerns or have an interest in what they're doing.

Social committee: Brittany Bailey

Maintenance committee: Laura Provenceno

Traffic calming committee: Matt Cotton

Membership committee: Betsy Nieporte

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You make us proud

Each month, the Royal Oak Hills Association recognizes a family that has gone the extra mile to beautify its property, and by extension, the whole community.

The Home of the Month award has been part of Royal Oak Hills for decades as a way of applauding the pride members take in their properties and to thank them for their efforts..

Look for the Home of the Month sign around the neighborhood to see which home is the latest to be in the spotlight. 

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