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Which model is your home?

The developers of Royal Oak Hills built 10 different home styles in the community in the 1960s. The original nine were followed by a tenth model in 1962. Can you tell which one is yours? A few homes don't seem to match any of the models. Many of the original homes have been remodeled over the years. You might be surprised about how your home started out – and how much it cost to purchase when it was brand new! Property values have definitely increased. Enjoy these entries from the original ROH brochure.

The ROH price list_edited.jpg
The Bradford pic_edited.jpg
ROH bradford001_edited.jpg
The Brookfield pic.jpg
ROH brookfield001_edited.jpg
The Danbury pic_edited_edited.jpg
ROH danbury002_edited.jpg
The Fairfield pic_edited.jpg
ROH fairfield001_edited.jpg
The Hartford pic_edited.jpg
ROH hartford001_edited.jpg
The Norwalk pic_edited.jpg
ROH norwalk001_edited.jpg
The Rockland pic_edited.jpg
ROH rockland001_edited.jpg
The Stamford pic_edited.jpg
ROH stamford001_edited.jpg
The Walton pic_edited.jpg
ROH walton001_edited.jpg
The Westport Boca Raton article_edited.j

Photo of Westport model home from Boca Raton News; Westport floorplan from Fort Lauderdale News. Both circa 1962.

A distinguishing feature of the Westport is that its two bedrooms both had sliding glass doors leading to its screened porch. 

The Wesport pic 2 april 26 1961_edited.j
The Westport pic 3_edited.jpg
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